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still called “RR” today – in honour of Riva-Rocci

In the 17th century an embittered scholarly argument was carried on about whether and how blood was transported through the body. The proponents recognized the connection between the pulse and heartbeat and developed the theory of blood circulation. But how was one to measure blood pressure?

Until long into the 19th century, blood pressure could only be determined directly. This invasive method involved pain and great risks (particularly of infection). Not until the development of a non-invasive procedure could the determination of the blood pressure be carried out in a simple and risk-free manner. Early devices of this kind included modified pulse measurers developed by physiologist Karl Vierordt (1818-1884) and the pathologist Samuel Siegfried von Basch (1837-1905). In 1896, the Italian physician Scipione Riva Rocci (1863-1937) demonstrated his principle for determining the blood pressure, which is still used today - he had created the prototype of the modern blood pressure measuring device. In his honour we still speak of “RR” (Riva Rocci), if we are speaking of the blood pressure. The term “mmHg” comes from the time when measurements were taken only with a mercury column. Riva Rocci’s method however still only involved feeling for the pulse with the fingers. In 1905, the Russian army surgeon Nikolai Sergejewitsch Korotkow (1874-1920) improved upon this method through use of a stethoscope.

Since the end of the 1920s, “Riva-Rocci” blood pressure measuring devices have been an absolute given in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Today, blood pressure measuring devices are convenient and easy-to-use – a must for doctors and assistants and increasingly for many patients as well.

KaWe offers blood pressure measuring devices that you can trust. Our blood pressure measuring devices are user-friendly and are distinguished by quality at a fair price. All KaWe MASTERMED® blood pressure measuring devices are latex-free. Our product line extends from the aneroid blood pressure measuring device with a 1 or 2 hose system, up to the fully-automated wrist and/or upper arm blood pressure meter. Both are equipped with large screens and digital memory and pulse rate display. KaWe also offers a new mercury-free blood pressure measuring device with a digital display. Due to popular demand, we have added the T5 model with stand to our product line.

All KaWe blood pressure measuring devices meet EC Standards 93/42/EEC (standards for medical products) and the product-specific standards DIN EN 1060. KaWe blood pressure measuring devices are authorised and certified by the authorities stated by us. Thanks to our years of experience and the continuous improvement of our products, we are always in a position to provide our customers with absolutely reliable and precise measuring instruments.

KIRCHNER & WILHELM GmbH + Co. KG is an institution registered with the DAM (German Academy for Metrology). This registration entitles us to carry out metrological tests in accordance with §11 of the Medical Device Operator Ordinance with regard to non-invasive blood measuring devices (NIB) of all types.

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